Not all desktop pools were disabled due to an error – Horizon 7.0.2

I’ve come across this problem under a few scenarios before so thought I’d document the how and why of the problem here.

After configuring a new Desktop Pool which was designed to be a failover Pool for another Site, the first thing that was supposed to be done was to disable it. Unfortunately, when trying to do this basic operation, the following error message was displayed:-

“Error. Not all desktop pools were disabled due to an error”DesktopError2

Having seen this before, it transpires that it comes about because 3D Rendering is enabled on the pool, whilst “Allow users to choose protocol” is still set to Yes. I’m advised by VMware GSS that this is a regression bug (one that was fixed before but has crept back in)


Technically speaking, this isn’t a valid configuration as the documentation states its not allowed, however the setup Wizard allows you to save the configuration that way and the error is elusive as the real root cause. To figure this out, I managed to find the exact error within the logs on the Connection Server

C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\Logs\log-xxxx-xx-xx.txt (where xxx is the date)


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