A general system error occurred : Failed to evacuate disk : Out of resources to complete the operation : VSAN 6.2

A general system error occurred : Failed to evacuate disk : Out of resources to complete the operation : VSAN 6.2

As per my previous post, I’ve had a few niggles getting VSAN 6.2 to work in my lab environment so I rebuilt things from scratch to try and see if the second attempt was less troublesome.

I started with VMware 6.0 U1 and built the VCSA, added three hosts on 6.0U1 and installed Horizon View 6.2. During the configuration of Horizon I elected to allow the first Desktop Pool to use the vsandatastore which subsequently creates associated Storage Policies to match the requirements of the various components for View (Replicas, OS Disks etc).

After spinning up a couple of Win 7 Virtual Machines, I embarked upon the same 6.2 upgrade. This time, I didn’t experience any “failed to realign following object” errors when attempting to upgrade to VSAN 6.2 as per this post, but I did receive the error “A general system error occured: Failed to evacuate data for disk uuid 522b9a6e-093b-a6c0-01b8-a963ac325bed with error : Out of resources to complete the operation”


I realised my mistake here in that as this is a 3 node cluster with an FTT set to 1, this wasn’t going to work. I subsequently went into the VSAN Storage Policy and attempted to drop the vSAN default policy FTT to 0 (accepting that my environment would be at risk until I switched it back) and applied the newly defined Storage Policy only to find that everything was suddenly reporting as “Not Applicable”. I checked the Resynchronize Dashboard status within VSAN and noticed that it was still churning away applying the newly configured Storage Policy. Once the resync completed, I tried the upgrade again, but this failed! I ssh’d over to the VCSA and then into the Ruby Console:-

rvc adminstrator@vsphere.local@localhost

I navigated to the folder /localhost/Datacenter/computers (using cd /localhost/etc) , and ran the following command (where BRAINS is the name of my Cluster)

vsan.ondisk_upgrade –allow-reduced-redundancy BRAINS/ 

The upgrade proceeded and eventually completed (wow, took 8 hours)


After completing the upgrade, I realised my mistake. As per the first section of this post, I’d installed Horizon View, which created a bunch of VSAN storage policies. Whilst I’d changed the default vSAN policy to an FTT of 0, I completely forgot to set the others to 0 as well!

Note to self – always check ALL storage policies before assuming that something else is broken – OR, take the simple route and force the upgrade to run without need to re-sync a shed load of data between disks due to a storage policy change.

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