Unable to establish an ssl connection with vcenter server – Mac OSX

I’ve been seeing some strange behaviour whilst performing some deployment operations such as pushing out OVF templates in that occasionally I would see “Unable to establish an SSL connection with vCenter Server”

Initially, I could get away with just ignoring it and if I tried it again, it would sometimes work, however for some reason, it would now always fail.

I did some digging and the logs suggested something to do with the Certificates not matching. As my MAC is not domain joined, I started digging around in the Keychain Access tool  –> Applications –> Utilities –> Keychain Access

In here I found all sorts of historical certificates from my various lab environments that I’ve added over the months and thought I’d better clear up some legacy certs as well as duplicate named certificates as a start point. It was here that I found that I had two certs for the same domain object (one which I’d previously rebuilt) so figured that was a good start to remove at least the now no longer used duplicate.

The problem still existed so I did some further investigation as whilst I had a trusted certificate for my VCSA, I couldn’t see the Trusted Root CA. This isn’t visible by default so I had to add the X509Anchors keychain by clicking “File –> Add Keychain” and locate this within /System/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors

Once this was visible, I again could see a previously trusted Root CA from a legacy domain I no longer use at home, but not the Root CA of my Microsoft Domain. I removed the invalid entry and went across to my internal Microsoft CA website to get the Root CA to reimport.


I downloaded the Root CA by clicking on install this CA certificate and it downloaded it to my MAC.

I then attempted to double click the file to import it and when prompted selected X509Anchors however I then received: Error 100013.

A quick search on Microsoft led me to the following article:


so I followed these steps:-

cd ~/Desktop
cp /System/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors ~/Library/Keychains
certtool i cert_filename k=X509Anchors
sudo cp ~/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors /System/Library/Keychains

I refreshed the Keychain Access tool and lo and behold, the cert appeared.

I double clicked on the newly listed certificate and expanded “Trust” and set the top option of “When using this certificate” to “Always Trust” and closed the certificate properties.

I then reloaded the vSphere Web Client, repeated the OVF deployment and everything worked!

Hope this helps somebody!

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