Nostalgia for Nostalgia – Prince of Persia OVF still working within vSphere 6

Many years ago, I used to demo the capabilities of VMware by using the freely accessible Nostalgia OVF from the VMware marketplace (I think it was available through vCenter 2.5 at the time). It was such a small and lightweight appliance containing a simple set of well known games that made demonstrating the power of a relatively new production ready technology (it was 2006) all the easier. I remember sitting in various meetings with clients and decision makers talking about and showing vMotion, Fault Tolerance and HA whilst playing Prince of Persia. I also remember using CPU Hog to enforce DRS activity as the icing on the cake to combine vMotion and intelligent resource placement. It was such as a simple but effective way of getting the message across about the capabilities of what could be done and how VMware was to be a game changer in server deployment, cost reduction and resource optimization.

Earlier this week, I had a Nostalgic moment, wondering if I can still do the same thing today that I did all those years ago – re-performing some new tests but leveraging a number of other product features available in the VMware portfolio (SRM, vSAN stretched cluster etc).

I set out to find the Nostalgia OVF but despite a search through the Virtual Appliance Marketplace (via Solution Exchange) I didn’t have any luck .

I then stumbled across an old VMware community post here that sent me in the right direction of the OVF

After running through the typical OVF deployment process and entering the above URL, the VM appeared within vSphere 6, residing on my vSAN datastore and waiting to be powered on. The results can be seen below:-

Nostalgia3 Nostalgia2 Nostalgia









Not quite sure when my next post will be, lets see how long it takes me to relive some of my childhood gaming memories ;o)


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