The homelab rebuild.. vSAN Progress and initial VMs..

Further to my previous post regarding rebuilding my home lab with the Intel SSDs as the caching tier for an all flash vsan, unfortunately within a day, one of the ESX hosts fell over with the usual Permanent Disk Loss error and I had a sad face. I rebooted the host and re-applied the storage policy to bring the hosts back into compliance and thought I’d give everything one last chance before reverting to the magnetic disks. Since then (3 days and counting), the environment has stayed up and online and in fact I have pushed it harder than ever before by running multiple clones (at least 3 at a time) to properly kick the tyres at risk of building lots of VMs only for me to have to svMotion them over to my external array which is time consuming.

On average, a 40GB Windows 2012 Virtual Machine is taking no more than 7 minutes to clone and at the time, as I’ve only got Gb connectivity between hosts as part of the vSan cluster, the network is actually the bottleneck here at 125MB/s (and that would be assuming it was flat out and there was not overhead/transmit issues)

1Gb = 125MB/s
125MB/s x 60 = 7500MBs / Minute
40GB / 7500MB = roughly 5.5 minutes

A quick breakdown of the VM build so far:

2x Win2k12 Domain Controllers, running DNS and acting as a CA
1x SQL 2014 VM – hosting the ViewComposer DB
2 x View Connection Servers
1 x View Composer for Horizon View
1 x AppVolumes Server

I’ve been particularly light on the customisation side, but have green lights where green lights need to exist on the solutions I’ve built thus far. The most time consuming piece was the Certification piece, involving the replacement of the machine cert on the VCSA alongside working out how to reissue the Certs for the view connection and composer servers after I’d already performed the installs. From experience I’ve always had fun with certificates in Horizon View deployments, but this time round wasn’t as painful as I knew most of the pitfalls and gotchas. For those that administer Horizon View, this is a joy to see post installation:-




I used some of the following blogposts/links as reference for redeploying certificates:-

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