VMware Certification – 8 years a VCP


I’ve been VCP certified since 2008 on VI3 and continued to develop my interest in VMware by following up with vSphere 4, 5.5 and on Friday 15th Jan 2016, I’ll be attempting my fourth VCP accreditation in a bid to become a VCP in vSphere 6.

I’ll admit that this time round, it has been far more of a study challenge for me as I’ve not had as much exposure on vSphere 6 through the clients I’ve been working with, largely due to many companies inability to keep moving at the pace that VMware releases new versions and the compliance challenges with the requirements Matrix due to overlapping and dependent technologies. Take for example Trend Micro Deep Security, with vSphere 6 hitting the market in March 2015 and Trend not releasing v9.6 to be compatible with vSphere 6 until August 2015, as most companies go, they rightfully didn’t want to be the first to deploy a new product and in this case, Trend was the new product, requiring a typical 3 month wide birth until proven in the field by other more willing audiences (I won’t mention their legacy Horizon View 5 implementation).

In order to prepare correctly, I hit my home lab and bumped it up from 5.5 to 6.1 but not without challenge. I decided to jump straight into vSAN using the Mac Mini setup that closely matches Peter Bjork:-


but I had already made a previous purchase/investment in consumer grade SSDs (SAMSUNG 850 Pros), and almost immediately hit performance issues with drives simply disappearing, not to mention very high read/write latency on the capacity magnetic disks. Long story short, the entire vSAN fell over, I lost a few VMs in the process, but this ultimately helped me to learn how vSAN worked and how I could piece things back together again, realising the importance of the HCL and how a vSanDatastore needs to be treated with more respect than a typical VMFS datastore (i.e. don’t just place things on there using the datastore browser).

Anyhow, back to education, I found the following very useful study guide posts on VCP6-DCV (thanks Vladan) and have worked through them meticulously in my lab environment, alongside the reference/blue print material from VMware so fingers crossed for a successful outcome on Friday!


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