Migrating from VMware view 5 to Horizon View 7 (Part 1)

Introduction / Background 

I’ve been off the radar for a few months as I’ve been working with a client to migrate from the now non supported version of VMware View 5.3. The client had an ELA with VMware, had recently made an investment in an uplifted on-premises compute environment and their capability and non functional requirements were met by VMware. It therefore made the most sense from a cost perspective to provide them with most recent version of VMwares EUC platform, deploying desktops as they currently do to permit delivery in the shortest time frame by maintaining the existing desktop image but with the adjustments needed to compliment the upgrade.

Before embarking upon the challenge that lay ahead, there were some immediate hurdles to have to consider:

Devices: Combination of PCs, Wyse Devices (P20 – unsupported and P25s, only supported on a specific Firmware)

Infrastructure Stack:
AppVolumes version 2.6 (end of support identified as December 2015)
VMware vSphere 5.5 Update 2
VMware Persona
Trend Deep Security Manager 9.5 SP1 (agentless AntiVirus)

The client wanted to make use of the offerings that Horizon 7 presented and these were listed as:

Instant Clones – requires the leverage of VMFork technology, introduced in vSphere 6.0 U1
Cloud Pod Architecture to provide more controllable Disaster Recovery
VMware Access Points
User Environment Manager

In the next post, I’ll go into detail around what followed next and highlight some of the challenges that were faced along the journey.