Citrix User Group XV

Yesterday, I went to my first Citrix User Group in London. It was indeed an eye opener and I did stumble upon others I’ve spent time with in the industry before. App Layering played a big part in today’s events and discussions as to whether this was another knee jerk/stop gap opportunity were discussed. Appsensebigot played service to the wonder of saving CPU and Memory consumption as part of using the natively available Easylists to block adverts (aka AdBlock Plus) within IE, which from experience is a great way of getting natural buy in for a native applications extension from somewhat reluctant management when considering what to introduce as a way to reduce compute overhead in VDI/SBC environments.

I also met Rubén Spruijt who provided two extremely useful presentations for which I share similar interests and beliefs. He has a very positive outlook on technology and is not afraid to speak the truth on what he believes will make a difference in the future.

Jim Moyle stepped in for another missing presenter and came up with some great slides on I/O optimisation/sizing for Windows which was a joy to watch! He really got to the nitty gritty of IO distribution and the impact it has on SSD shelf life and how to understand the true calculations required particularly in VDI environments.

Today, I’m off to VMUG to see what this has to offer too, so I’m certainly sticking to my guns around staying actively involved where I can!

Its been a while..

I’ve not actively blogged for quite a few years now, coinciding with the arrival of my two children in fact. Now that they are settled into a routine, now is the time for me to get back into the habit of sharing those daily challenges we all face in the world of infrastructure architecture and systems management. I look forward to being more involved in the community and actively offering advice and information where I can.

but skip to today..

and you’ll probably find the blog a little more interesting.

The whole purpose of this blog is really to provide myself with a way of referencing all those niggly little things you uncover as you make your way through daily life as an IT Contractor. Many of the articles may indeed be other peoples findings so I’ll reference those where necessary, but others are as a result of many hours of meddling and working with different products and vendors in a bid to find solutions to ongoing problems.

How it all started..

I owe a lot of where I am today to my parents and indeed my other half who have all supported me throughout my obsession with computers.

Since the arrival of our very first family computer back in the 80’s, the magical “BBC B” with its all singing dancing tape deck and a myriad of Cassettes was where it all began.

BBC B Computer
My first computer!

The possibilities and indeed my interest in it for anything other than games was to be expected at a ripe ‘ol age of about 6, but I remember vividly spending hours playing Rocket Raid, Arcadians, Philosophers Quest, and Overdrive to name a few